"Deciding to get divorced was one of the most difficult and painful decisions I have ever made.  Thankfully, I found Ani.  A friend of mine had recommended her, as he had just finished working with her for his own divorce and thought very highly of her.  Ani is extremely professional, thorough, intelligent, and her kind demeanor immediately put me at ease.  She responded to emails promptly, did her research quickly when necessary, and was happy to meet in person when I felt it would be helpful.  She developed an accurate sense of what I was looking for in terms of support (my husband and I already had a mediator we were using to take us through the process).  She provided me with all the information and experience she had access to in order to give me answers to my questions that were complete yet still concise and to the point.  I also really appreciated that after running through the pros and cons of multiple approaches, she was willing to give me her opinion as to how she might proceed forward, but was never pushy or offended if I decided to choose another approach.  I consider myself so fortunate to have had Ani there to guide me through this arduous process.  Thank you so much Ani!"


"Thank heavens for people like Ani Mason.  Prenups are extremely difficult.  Planning your divorce before you are getting married can really be a process that is unbearable to think about.  I never thought it would easy until I met Ani.  The moment I walked into her office I felt comfortable, I felt like I could trust her with the world.  She was kind, thoughtful, and held my hand through the whole process.  She explained every bit of the prenup in perfect detail for me to understand, she ALWAYS had my best interest in mind with every single discussion.  She was kind and I knew that she was there at any time that I needed her.  Tears or not.  She spoke softly, and every discussion was always genuine.  I am thankful to have met Ani Mason, and I will forever be grateful for the excellent advice, perfect responses to my fiance's lawyer, and being sure that I was protected in every single aspect possible.  Honest, trustworthy, smart, proactive, detailed people are hard to come by these days.  I assure you Ani Mason is one of them."


"As I've shared with my ex-husband, our divorce is actually one of the most intimate things we've been through as two people, with two children, and fifteen years of shared living and marriage. The restructuring of a family is a delicate thing, and we don't have enough positive examples of that-- at all!! So in the hardest thing a person can face, they are left without strong and useful models or perceptions. Resources are critical -- and Ani is about the best one could ask for!"


"Ani steered my husband and I through a legal separation, something we'd avoided for years for fear of disrupting or losing the friendship we'd worked hard to maintain. Her patience, integrity and understanding was constant as was her professionalism in getting us through the steps. We managed to complete the process without lawyers, lawsuits and with our relationship intact. I would recommend her to anyone."


"Having Ani's help has given my mind a lot of ease and helped things move forward much faster. Between what is complicated to understand legally and separating emotions from what needs to get done, Ani's empathy and ability to explain complex things clearly have made me feel confident in her advice and helped me make decisions I felt too paralyzed to make on my own."


"Ani worked with my wife and I to help us come to a resolution on the parameters of our separation prior to our divorce.  These matters of the heart combined with the harsh reality of dividing assets are very delicate.  Throughout the process, Ani was patient and showed a great deal of neutrality.  Her understanding of both sides' perspectives was done with true professionalism.  I heartily recommend her to any couple who are faced with these daunting decisions."