As your collaborative lawyer, I act as your representative and advocate, and I help negotiate on your behalf in a collaborative process. A collaborative negotiation process is uniquely structured to maintain the sole focus on helping you and your fiancé or spouse reach an agreement that works for both of you, in a supportive and cooperative way. A collaborative negotiation process takes place outside the courtroom, in joint, in-person meetings between you, your fiancé or spouse, and your collaborative team. One of the unique elements of a collaborative process is that both collaborative lawyers make a commitment not to represent you in court should you be unable to reach an agreement. A collaborative process is interdisciplinary in nature and, depending on your needs and preferences, can incorporate a neutral financial expert, divorce coach or child specialist. Once an agreement has been reached, your collaborative lawyer will work on your behalf, together with your spouse's collaborative lawyer, to draft a legal contract reflecting your agreement and file all necessary papers with the court.

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