As your consulting or review attorney, I will most commonly work with you while you are in a mediation process with another professional, be it regarding a prenup, postnup, separation or divorce. Outside the mediation process, you may want someone acting as your sole advocate to offer personally tailored legal information and advice, help in understanding your financial situation, partner with you to brainstorm and evaluate favorable settlement options, and/or offer a well-trained eye to review and revise drafts of your agreement. A consulting or review attorney can provide all those services and more, which is generally but not always done outside the mediation room. Where your mediator is not a family law attorney, a consulting or review attorney can also draft your written agreement and/or file all necessary papers in court for you.

To get started, you can set up an initial appointment by calling the office - (212) 634-3960 - or by contacting us here.