In a settlement negotiation, I advocate for you in an out-of-court negotiation concerning a prenup, postnup or separation/divorce. My work with you occurs entirely out of court, and my focus is to help you reach an optimal agreement with your fiancé or spouse. I ensure that you understand your present situation, the relevant law, and your legal options. Within that context, we identify and negotiate an agreement that best meets your needs. Once an agreement has been reached, your spouse or fiancé’s attorney and I will draft a legal contract reflecting your agreement and file any necessary papers with the court.

In contrast to the Collaborative Process, when I assist you in a settlement negotiation, settlement discussions take place primarily in writing and over the phone between the attorneys, and less in the joint, in-person meetings that are the hallmark of a Collaborative Process.

Many of the clients who hire me to assist them in a settlement negotiation are in the following situation. They would like their negotiation process to be as collaborative and non-destructive as possible. Mediation is not an option because they prefer to negotiate with an attorney present, and Collaborative Law is not an option because their fiancé's or spouse's attorney is not collaboratively trained. For clients in this situation, hiring me provides the security of having an attorney present to support them in the negotiation process, and the assurance that the substance and style of the negotiations will remain as collaborative and settlement-focused as possible.

You can set up an appointment to meet with me and learn more about how I can assist in your settlement negotiation by calling the office - (212) 634-3960 - or by contacting me here.