A marriage is a partnership, in many senses of the word. The law speaks to the financial and parental rights and obligations of each partner in the event of divorce or the death of either spouse. Many couples prefer to make their own, personalized commitments as to what would happen - in particular, from a financial perspective - if they were to divorce or if either of them died during their marriage. A legal agreement is written to better tailor the law to their unique situation and intentions.

If that agreement is signed prior to the marriage, it's called a prenuptial agreement (or "prenup"); if signed after the marriage, it's a postnuptial agreement (or "postnup"). To hear a bit more about prenups, click on the video below.


You and your fiance or spouse can negotiate and craft your prenup or postnup through a Mediation Process, a Collaborative Law Process or a more traditional Negotiation Process. If you're not sure which route would be best for you, I'm happy to speak with you in more detail about your options. Contact me here.